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Masonic opposition

Walton Hanna Bishop of Southwark Links

The most accurate and scholarly work yet done on freemasonry is probably Darkness visible by Walton Hannah.

The Church of Englandís Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge (SPCK) carries no literature examining Freemasonry. Walton Hannah states that a directive was sent to these book shops stating that  Darkness Visible should not be stocked. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the President of the SPCK. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury responsible for banning Walton Hannahís book was Dr. Geoffrey Fisher - a Freemason of long standing.

Hannah related how a mysterious gentleman invited him to the foyer of the Savoy Hotel and offered him £1000 in notes for not publishing his book. (1952)

Walton Hannah was eventually driven out of England to live in Canada. 

ĎThe Brotherhood, Stephen Knight, p:244-257

Also from the same book..

  • Reverend Muís story  - pages 256 - 262 
Reverend Colin Davies story -  pages 262 - 265 

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Bishop of Southwark

Masons could even be given Masonic funerals, elaborate ones, but in 1962 Grand Lodge decreed that 'the final obsequies of any human being, Mason or not, are 'complete in themselves' and do not call for any Masonic prayers at the religious services or graveside. This ban came after incidents such as that engulfing the Bishop of Southwark, Mervyn Stockwood, in 1959. The relatives of a Mason had asked to hold a Masonic funeral in a local church.

"I carefully studied the proposed service and I found that the words 'Jesus Christ' were omitted from the prayers and the word 'Architect' substituted. Worse still, the cross was to be removed from the altar and an additional non-Christian ceremony was to take place at the graveside. I informed the vicar that while people must be free to bury their dead in their own way, I thought that in this case it would be better for the service to take place in a Masonic Temple. A Bishop when he is consecrated promises to banish strange doctrines; therefore I could not allow the doctrine of the divinity of Christ to be treated as peripheral. Moreover every church was dedicated in the Name of the Holy Trinity and not in the name of the 'Architect'  This line I took stirred up a hornet's nest. I was warned that I had offended important people and that diocese would suffer financially. It may have done so"

'Inside the brotherhood' Martin Short

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Relevant links 

Link to Pastor's reports on Masonic opposition within their churches.
Link to Masonic site that prints names of those who oppose them. (My name was on the list until recently, then removed)  


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