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It is important to understand that English Freemasonry and what is sometimes called 'Continental' or 'French' Freemasonry (Grand Orient) are not bedfellows. (Although Albert Pike stated differently- see below)  So some European Lodges are run under English jurisdiction while others are not.

English Lodges have broken with the Grand Orient in France, but not with other European and American Lodges who are still in communication with the Grand Orient in France.  Albert Pike dismissed the English disclaimer with the words, “It is idle to protest. We are Masons, and we recognize the French Brotherhood as Freemasons in virtue of solidarity. Ours is a Universal Fraternity”  (Albert Pike is entombed in Freemasonry’s 33rd Washington)

Senator Delpech,  President of the Grand Orient in France, speaking to fellow Masons.Sept. 20th 1902 said .. “The triumph of the Galilean has lasted many centuries; but now His day is over.. He passes away to join in the dust of the ages the other divinities of India, Greece and Rome, who saw so many deceived creatures prostrate before their altars. Brother Masons we rejoice that we are not without our share in the overthrow of false prophets”

While 'English' Freemasonry puts on a front show of  religion - 'Continental' Freemasonry puts on no such front display and is more openly occultic. 

However it is 'Freemasonry' and it comes out of the same soil.

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Italy had its P2 scandal where this one lodge contained what amounted to almost another government. Within its ranks were the heads of the armed forces, vatican chiefs, leading bankers, etc run by a man called Lucia Gelli.  Its exposure and downfall are well documented in many books such as 'God's banker'.  One of its members, a banker called Calvi, who betrayed the trust of the lodge, was found murdered in accordance with the penalties sworn in the first degree. He was found hanging from Blackfriars bridge 'at low water or a cables length from the shore where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in 24 hours' with chunks of masonry in his pockets.

The exposure rocked not only the Italian Government but also the Vatican.

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Translation from an article in the Christian Magazine “Nyhetsmagasinet”nr 2- Mars 1993, written by Ruben Agnarsson/Vebjorn Selbeck.

The blood of “Christ” in secret Freemason ranking.

To drink blood from Freemason brothers mixed with something said to be the blood of “Christ”. These are a few of the details from the, up to now, secret “ten-two” ranking in the Swedish Freemasonry.

Scandinavian Freemasonry has always maintained that there are only eleven ranks, in which the eleventh rank is purely a rank of honour within the Swedish freemasonry system of ranking, (used only in Sweden and parts of Germany) But after recent media focus on Freemasonry in Norway, it has turned out not to be the whole truth.

Behind the freemason’s tenth rank is concealed an, up to now, unknown extra rank called ‘ten-two’. Only a few of the freemason members are involved in this secret rank. For instance in Norway only about 200 members out of 16,200 members are inaugurated in this rank.

The sacramental cup legend.

It was first assistant university teacher, Sverre Dag Mogstad at Menighetsfakulteten, from Oslo, who during the TV programme ‘The Antenna hour’ in January 1993 produced a document which showed that this secret rank existed.  The Freemason’s ‘grandmaster’ also confirmed that there is such a rank.

This so called “sacramental cup legend” plays an essential role in this rank. Masons are told that this sacramental cup contains some drops of the blood of Christ. This blood was said to have been ‘handed over to the Freemason’s during the middle ages’. This blood is kept in a glass bottle which also contains blood from Freemasons who in times past, have been inaugurated into this “ten-two” rank.

Blood rite.

The blood rite itself, takes place in the lodge chapel, under the lodge high prelate, who in Sweden is the Bishop Eremitus. Some drops of blood from the cup are mixed with wine together with some drops of blood from the candidate himself.  The candidate and the lodge high priest then drink most of the cup’s contents leaving some of the contents to be poured back into the cup. By doing this the lodge maintains that this cup is forever containing the blood of Christ and the blood of Freemasons, who through the ages has been part of this “ten-two” rank. This is interpreted as a proof for the union between the freemasons and Christ.

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