Ministry into masonryMasonry is idolatry

'There is an accursed thing in your midst O Israel.  You cannot stand before your enemies until you take away the accursed thing from among you'   Joshua 7: 13b

If you or your generational line have walked into a Masonic temple where the Name of Jesus is forbidden, knelt upon the black and white floor emblazoned with a pentagram, before an altar that accepts worship to 'any god', been yoked to brethren who worship other gods, made promises and taken accursed oaths that bind you into ritual secrecy, and this has not been acknowledged as an abomination, confessed and renounced, then Christian or not, there are consequences.

Letter of testimony from a Christian leader one year after ministry into freemasonry   

  "I had been suffering from stones in the kidneys for twenty years. This would come periodically, maybe every five years requiring hospitalisation. When I arranged with yourself to begin a seminar of  freemasonry, the interesting thing was that the day after we had our first seminar the old problem returned and continued intermittently for over a month. This was diagnosed as renal colic (stones in the kidneys) The pain was so bad that I was put on strong painkillers. As you remember we had our practical session at which you ministered into the area of freemasonry - and I was the 'guinea pig'.  I was not in the Masonic myself but some of my close relations were. After the ministry session was over I had no recurrence of pain from then to this day."

Do not be deceived. God will not be mocked - if this gross idolatry has still not been correctly dealt with before God, then we will continue - in our own lives, our families and our churches  - to reap from what has been sown.

Praise God the Christian books stores are awash now with books telling us what is wrong with freemasonry.  

However there is very little - if any- guidance on how to exercise our authority in Christ, apply the finished work of Christ upon the Cross and walk free from the awful effects that freemasonry can bring upon a family.

Freemasonry is 100% idolatry and the consequences of this are (not might be) visited upon the children to the third and fourth generations - Exodus 20:12 - unless during that time, the idolatry is confessed and renounced and spiritual cleansing has been effected (deliverance)

If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness - 1st John 1:7

Confessing not only our sins but those of our fathers has proven to be a key scriptural principle in ministry into freemasonry (Leviticus 26:40  Nehemiah 1:6  Daniel 9:8)

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Prayer ministry guidelines are made freely available to ministry teams.. 

  1. Renouncing  and rejecting blue degree and Holy Royal Arch degree freemasonry
  2. Prayer ministry guidelines

If renouncing higher degrees I recommend the prayers used by this ministry


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