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Pike, Albert

Book of the Words
Here's Pike at his best! Masonry is permeated with powerful
symbolism-both verbal and pictorial-that arouses the mental, spiritual,
and intellectual life of those who use them. This extremely interesting
study, once limited to 150 copies, gives the correct spelling of, and
analyzes all the "significant words" (pass words, etc.) in, the Scottish
Rite from the 1st through 30th degrees inclusive. In addition to being
an etymological dictionary Pike explains WHY any given word was chosen
for a given degree thereby revealing THE HIDDEN SYMBOLISM OF EACH WORD.
Illustrated and highly recommended!
178 pages
ISBN 1-56459-161-1

Esoteric Work of the 1°-3°, According to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

The missing secret sections of Pike's 1872 Craft ritual, "The Porch and
the Middle Chamber. The Book of the Lodge." For the first time the
authentic Secret Work is now available for the Scottish Rite version of
the Blue degrees. This book merges both missing books into one and
deciphers them for the first time. If you own our "Porch and the Middle
Chamber: The Book of the Lodge," this book is a must.
50 pages
ISBN 1-56459-992-2

Ex Corde Locutiones: Words from the Heart Spoken of his Dead Brethren
This unique book is extremely important for two reasons. First, for its
biographical history of all the luminaries who have worked and died in
the Scottish Rite and secondly, Pike's eloquent prose on the philosophy
of life and death is presented here with the clarity and understanding
of a prophet. There has never been a Mason like Pike. If you are or have
been faced with losing a loved one, read this beautiful book-it will
help you.
366 pages
ISBN 1-56459-350-9

Indo-Aryan Deities and Worship as Contained in the Rig-Veda
"Nothing has ever so much interested me, as this endeavour to penetrate
into the adyta of the ancient Aryan thought, to discover what things,
principles or phenomena our remote ancestors worshipped as Gods, what
Indra, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, the Acvins, Vayu, Vishnu, Savitri and the
others really were, in the conception of the composers of the Vedic
hymns." "I found the most profound philosophic or metaphysical ideas,
which those of every philosophy and religion have merely developed; and
that, so far from being Barbarians or Savages, the old Aryan herdsmen
and husbandmen, in the Indus country under the Himalayan Mountains, on
the rivers of Bactria, and long before, on the Scythic Steppes where
they originated, were men of singularly clear and acute intellects,
profound thought and an infinite reverence of the beings whom they
660 pages
ISBN 1-56459-183-2

Irano-Aryan Faith and Doctrine as Contained in the Zend-Avesta
"He (Pike) knew that the Proto-Aryans and the Indo-Aryans were our
physical, linguistic and philosophical ancestors; and he knew that the
monotheistic Irano-Aryans were our religious, religio-philosophical and
spiritual ancestors; and with his transcendent genius he places before
our mental vision the habitat, migrations and early pre-historic history
of these our ancestors."
712 pages
ISBN 1-56459-181-6

Lectures of the Arya
"Pike knew that our language, philosophy, religions, are traceable to
the Aryans, Indo and Irano, and he has presented to our view, through
the Lectures, the emigration and last division of the race, their
country, character and manners, their language, their deities, and
legends." "Of the work, Pike himself said: 'Oldest literary monuments
and records of human thought in the world and as the source and origin
of the great philosophical doctrines of the world, but also, and far
more, because they make known to us a sublime theosophy and purely
philosophic faith believed in and understood by men of our own blood and
lineage at a very remote period when they dwelt near the cradle of the
344 pages
ISBN 1-56459-182-4

Lectures on Masonic Symbolism and A Second Lecture on Symbolism or the Omkara and other Ineffable Words
"This Lecture is intended to be...I think, my last labor of the kind in
Masonry. I hope that I have succeeded in rescuing part of the Symbols of
Freemasonry, in some degree, from the condition of insignificance into
which they had fallen and in proving that there is something in the
Royal Art to make it worthy of the attention, and study of men of
intellect and learning; which they have not heretofore believed. The
mass of Masons are little inclined to read works on Masonry. And I think
it wiser, also, to place these works in a few hands, and let what truths
they may contain be communicated orally to others by the few who read
them. I have endeavoured to do that for our symbols, and am amply
rewarded by what I have learned." This book is extremely scarce as there
were only 100 copies ever printed. This is the first reprint ever of
this essential, illuminating work, on Freemasonry. Highly recommended.
448 pages
ISBN 1-56459-162-X

Legenda and Readings of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of
"There are other things that you should hear said now, and without which
you will not be fully in possession of this degree... You will find them
in the Legenda..." (quote from the 26th degree, AASR, SMJ). This book
contains ALL of the "Legenda" and "Readings" written for members of the
Scottish Rite to supplement the ritualistic instruction. This anthology
is similar, in some respects, to Pike's Lectures on Masonic Symbolism,
but was considered REQUIRED READING by Pike himself. No Mason can truly
understand the Scottish Rite degrees without reading this essential
436 pages
ISBN 1-56459-309-6

Liturgies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,
Parts 2-4 (4th° - 30°)
This massive work includes ALL the Scottish Rite "Liturgies" (monitors)
prepared for the current rituals of the Supreme Council 33°, SMJ.
Lavishly illustrated with diagrams of the aprons, jewels and symbols of
the degrees, the texts of these works contain verbatim extracts from the
current rituals of the Scottish Rite. Some portions of these books (such
as the "Lecture and History" of the thirteenth°) are not even included
in the official rituals. Extremely interesting and informative, students
of the rituals may compare this work with the Magnum Opus to trace the
evolution of the degrees. Highly recommended.
680 pages
ISBN 1-56459-310-X

Liturgy of the Blue Degrees
For the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the
Southern Jurisdiction
This rare work includes all the monitorial instructions for the three Craft Degrees according to the Scottish Rite, and is intended to supplement Pike's Book of the Lodge. Much more complete than the common Webb-form (York Rite) monitors,
this work contains large ritualistic extracts and symbolic diagrams which, with
the aforementioned work, assist the student to reconstruct the rituals.
220 pages
ISBN 1-56459-323-1

Magnum Opus or the Great Work
Now available after 135 years! One of the rarest and most important
books ever published on the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite of
Freemasonry-Albert Pike's Magnum Opus or "Great Work," being his first
revision of the complete rituals of the Scottish Rite. Only 100 copies
were printed-less than thirty are said to survive. Pike's ritualistic
revisions were so impressive he was made an active member of the Supreme
Council and became the most revered Sovereign Grand Commander in the
history of the Rite. Thanks to the generous loan of a copy from a
European antiquarian, this special reprint makes available to the
serious student the complete authentic rituals which served as the
foundation of the Scottish Rite's philosophy. This invaluable work is
not to be confused with either the various ritualistic "exposures" of
anti-Masons, or the rituals currently used by either American Scottish
Rite. The Magnum Opus contains Albert Pike's complete, original text of
the Scottish Rite degrees. Some of Pike's rituals were used by other
Supreme Councils as a foundation for their own practices; while more
recently the Supreme Council 33°, Southern Masonic Jurisdiction, U.S.A.
has appointed a committee to revise the current Pike rituals. The Magnum
Opus allows researchers to trace the divergence to discover shifts in
Masonic symbolism. An invaluable reference aid and research tool, the
scarcity and cost of an original copy placed it beyond the reach of
almost all Masonic bibliophiles. This affordable facsimile reprint
places Masonic knowledge where it belongs-in the hands of those seeking
Light. Although similar to the current rituals used by the Scottish
Rite, it is slightly different and more esoteric. We have also included
for the first time ever, the grips and signs, and the key to the "Secret
Work." Very essential and rare! Contents: Fourth Degree, Secret Master;
Fifth Degree, Perfect Master; Sixth Degree, Confidential Secretary;
Seventh Degree, Provost and Judge; Eighth Degree, Intendant of the
Buildings; Ninth Degree; Knight Elu of Nine; Tenth Degree, Illustrious
Elu of Fifteenth; Eleventh Degree, Prince Ameth, or Sublime Elu of
Twelve; Twelfth Degree, Grand Master Architect; Thirteenth Degree, Royal
Arch; Fourteenth Degree, Grand, Elect, Perfect and Sublime Mason;
Fifteenth Degree, Knights of the Sword, of the East, or of the Eagle;
Sixteenth Degree, Princes of Jerusalem; Seventeenth Degree, Knight of
the East and West; Eighteenth Degree, Knight, or Sovereign Prince of
Rose Croix, of Heredon; Nineteenth Degree, Grand Pontiff, or Sublime
Scotch Mason; Twentieth Degree, Venerable Master of All Symbolic Lodges;
or Master ad Vitam; Twenty-First Degree, Noachite; or Prussian Knight;
Twenty-Second Degree, Knight of the Royal Axe, or Prince of Liabanus;
Twenty-Third Degree, Chief of the Tabernacle; Twenty-Fourth Degree,
Prince of the Tabernacle; Twenty-fifth Degree, Knight of the Brazen
Serpent; Twenty-Sixth Degree, Prince of Mercy or Scottish Trinitarian;
Twenty-Seventh Degree, Knight Commander of the Temple, or Teutonic
Knight of the House of St. Mary of Jerusalem; Twenty-Eighth Degree,
Knight of the Sun; or Knight Adept; Twenty-Ninth Degree, Grand Ecossais
of St. Andrew, or Patriarch of the Crusades; Thirtieth Degree, Knight
Kadosh; Twenty-First Degree, Grand Enquiring Commander; Thirty-Second
Degree, Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret.
656 pages
ISBN 1-56459-245-6

Masonic Baptism: Reception of a Louveteau and Adoption
The ceremony of Masonic Baptism has always been used in the Scottish
Order. The ceremony secures to a child of either sex the protection and
assistance of the Lodge or other body performing the ceremony. Includes
an overview of initiatic baptism, duties and qualifications, and the
actual ritual. Although the ritual is intended for children, adults will
be inspired by the sublime ritual and unique Scottish Rite philosophy.
210 pages
ISBN 1-56459-348-7

Masonry of Adoption: (Masonic Rituals for Women)
This wonderful book includes both the complete, verbatim, rituals and
secret work of a little-known Masonic work written by Albert Pike and
anonymously published by him especially for women. Degrees: Adoptive
Apprentice; Companion, and Mistress. This books fills an essential void
of real Masonic Initiation and Rituals for women.
244 pages
ISBN 1-56459-286-3

Meaning of Masonry

Albert Pike found Freemasonry in a log cabin and left in a Temple. He
was the master genius of Masonry in America, both as scholar and artist.
No other mind of equal power ever toiled so long in the service of the
Craft in the New World. To understand Freemasonry, read Pike.
84 pages
ISBN 1-56459-050-X

Morals and Dogma
"The teachings of these Readings are not sacramental, so far as they go
beyond the realm of Morality into those of other domains of Thought and
Truth. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite uses the word 'Dogma' in
its true sense, of doctrine, or teaching; and is not dogmatic in the
odious sense of that term. Everyone is entirely free to reject and
dissent from whatsoever herein may seem to him to be untrue or unsound.
It is only required of him that he shall weigh what is taught, and give
it fair hearing and unprejudiced judgment. Of course, the ancient
theosophic and philosophic speculations are not embodied as part of the
doctrines of the Rite; but because it is of interest and profit to know
what the Ancient Intellect thought upon these subjects, and because
nothing so conclusively proves the radical difference between our human
and the animal nature, as the capacity of the human mind to entertain
such speculations in regard to itself and the Deity." Contents:
Apprentice; Fellow-craft; Master; Secret Master; Perfect Master;
Intimate Secretary; Provost and Judge; Intendant of the Building; Elu of
the Nine; Elu of the Fifteen; Elu of the Twelve; Master Architect; Royal
Arch of Solomon; Perfect Elu; Knight of the East; Prince of Jerusalem;
Knight of the East and West; Knight Rose Croix; pontiff; Master of the
Symbolic Lodge; Noachite or Prussian Knight; Knight of the Royal Axe or
Prince of Liabanus; Chief of the Tabernacle; Prince of the Tabernacle;
Knight of the Brazen Serpent; Prince of Mercy; Knight Commander of the
Temple; Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept; Scottish Knight of St.
Andrew; Knight Kadosh; Inspector Inquisitor; Master of the Royal Secret.
If you read only one book on Freemasonry, this is it!
878 pages
ISBN 1-56459-275-8

Old Cahier of the 33d Degree
In 1872 Albert Pike published his book Ancient and Accepted Scottish
Rite of Freemasonry. The Constitutions and Regulations of 1762. Statutes
and Regulations of Perfection and Other Degrees. Vera Instituta Secreta
et Fundamenta Ordinis of 1786. The Secret Constitutions of the 33d
Degree, with the Statutes of 1859, 1866, 1868, 1870 and 1872 of the
Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction. This book is still
available under the title 'Grand Constitutions.' In this work Pike tells
how he discovered, in the archives of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana in
1860, 'in a little, old badly-written MS. book, of poor paper, a ritual
of the 33d Degree, followed by what purported to be the Secret
Constitutions of that degree.' Pike printed the full text of the Secret
Constitutions (in both French and English) but only printed a partial
translation of the 33d degree ritual. We have obtained a copy of the
missing text from pages inserted into Charles T. McClenachan's copy of
Pike's book. A note inside the McClenachan book indicates they were
obtained directly from Pike, and were copied from his "Register." We
have reset the entire text and inserted the missing sections into their
proper places, thus providing for the first time the complete text of
this early 33d Degree ritual. We have also deciphered the coded secret
words, signs and tokens, making this the only complete edition
25 pages
ISBN 1-56459-995-7

Reprints of Old Rituals

In 1879 Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council,
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, USA, prepared
and authorized for sale a collection of books "for general
distribution." Among these was also a collection of rituals, virtually
unknown today. These included: 1) Degree of Master Mark Mason, being the
work of the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem of South Carolina, and
the oldest work extent anywhere; 2) The Wigan Ritual, of the Early Grand
Encampment. 3) Grade, Mark Mason, Passed Master, and Royal Arch, Rite
Ancient Maconnerie D'York. [Were originally translated from English into
French, and used in the French West Indies in 1795.]; 4) Knights
Templar, former English Ritual. 5) Grand Maitre Ecossais or Scottish E
lder Master and Knight of St. Andrew, being the Fourth Degree of Ramsey.
6) Old Ceremony of Royal Arch Exaltation. This new book includes ALL of
the above rituals in one volume. These rituals have become some of the
scarcest items ever printed by the Supreme Council. Original copies now
sell for between US $60 and US $100 each. All of these rituals are
extremely important, each for unique reasons. The Master Mark Mason and
Wigan Rituals are, for example, early, little-known versions of these
degrees; the former lacking much of the Christian symbolism present
today, and the latter (supplied by John Yarker), differing significantly
from the current ritual. The MaConnerie D'Yorke rituals were obtained in
New Orleans, and contain a wealth of historical information relative to
their use, including references to Joseph Cerneau, who had long troubled
the Southern Jurisdiction by his irregular branch the Scottish Rite. The
"former" English Knights Templar ritual appears to be the authorized
revision of 1851, upon which the current ritual is based. The Grand
Maitre Ecossais degree is an Hermetic degree which contends that the
essential "secret" of Freemasonry is the Alchemical transmutation of the
initiate. It is rumored to be used by the American C.B.C.S. (Knights
Beneficent of the Holy City), an elite Masonic body. The Old Ceremony of
Royal Arch Exaltation is the ritual upon which the current English
ritual is based. It includes references to the mysterious word "J.B.O.",
which has since been expunged from English Masonry.
76 pages
ISBN 1-56459-983-3

The Porch and the Middle Chamber: BOOK OF THE LODGE
If you're a 32° Degree Mason you may THINK that you've received all the
Scottish Rite degrees, but chances are you haven't. Why? Unknown to most
people, Albert Pike also wrote Scottish Rite rituals for the three Blue
Lodge Degrees. In Pike's words, these Scottish Rite Blue Lodge rituals
were "to be studied and understood before investiture with the fourth
degree. For, without it, the system of that Rite is incomplete, and even
like a fabric without foundation." This rare reprint includes the,
openings, closings and rituals of the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft
and Master Mason degrees according to the Pike workings of the Ancient
and Accepted Scottish Rite. More importantly it contains the complete
SECRET WORK. These rituals are MUCH MORE ESOTERIC and differ
significantly from the Webb-form (York Rite) Blue Lodge rituals commonly
used in the United States, and the book has several interesting
illustrations (including Hiram's jewel-a talisman!). Also included is
the "Table Lodge" ceremony. Highly recommended. Very scarce!
404 pages
ISBN 1-56459-308-8



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