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Books on Freemasonry
Freemasonry - Death in the family' by Yvonne Kitchen Fruitful Vine Publications (Australia)
The deadly deception by Tom McKinney ex-33rd degree - Huntingdon House Publishers
Free-Masonry- a religion by John Lawrence - Kingsway Publications
The Dark side of Freemasonry by Ed Decker - Huntingdon House Publishers
Christ, The Christian and Freemasonry - W.J.McCormick - Diasozo Trust
The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight - Grafton Books
The Craft and the Cross - Ian Gordan - Kingsway Publications
Masonry. Beyond the Light by William Schnoebelen - Chick Publications
Should a Christian be a Mason? by E.M Storms - New Puritan Library
Darkness Visible by Walton Hanna - Devon:Britons Publishing (ISBN 0-85172-890-1) 1975 
Christian by degrees? by Walton Hanna - Britons Publishing Company
Free from Freemasonry by Ron G. Campbell - Regal       Highly recommended
Christian set yourself free from Freemasonry - Derek Robert - Freedom Ministries International
Freemasonry. The secret language - Steve Worrall-Clare - Freedom Ministries International
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Video of Freemasonry

From darkness to light' by Jeremiah films

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Ministry into Freemasonry - England
Sozo Ministries: -3 day ministry events in England through
Ellel Ministries Pierrepont, England:
Freedom Ministries International, Bournemouth, England:


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